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The power of a single sheet of paper

Some time ago I read a book that described writing 15 to 20 sentences on a single sheet of paper, the author called this exercise, Maxim’s. The intention of the book was to write these down and look at them every day,and by doing so they would bring meaning and... read more

Are you a 3H leader?

Leadership. Everywhere you turn someone has written a book or an article or a blog post about leadership. It seems to have started with the business world but now has crossed into every discipline and vocation. So much of this has been positive, because in essence we... read more

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

Numbers. They are everywhere.  Some people love numbers and some of us did not do well in math.  Yet numbers are involved in nearly all endeavors. Numbers are important for many reasons.  We would not like to receive a paycheck with no numbers. Numbers when counting... read more

A Possum or a Sheep?

In a book I was reading recently, the author described three types of people using two sets of illustrations.  In the first he asked, are you a sheep, wolf, or sheepdog?  The second list was like the first with the exception that he added another category: a possum. ... read more

An Advice Avelanche

Have you noticed all the things that are written to help us?  I am not talking about the Bible, or even things like the Magna Carta or the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Social media seems to be brimming with articles that tell me that I just don’t quite measure up... read more

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