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Walking in familiar places

This past weekend we attended our pastor and spouse retreat in Middlebury, Indiana.  If you have never been to this area, it is a wonderful place to spend a few days.  It is Amish Country.  Middlebury is located in Elkhart county. Elkhart county also happens to be the... read more

More Maxims

    A Couple of weeks a go I mentioned t a book I read regarding maxims.   Maxims must be no longer than a sentence or two that describes a personal value.It must be no more than a sentence or two.  It would be something that when you read it, brings to mind... read more

Obedient Risk

    I was in Atlanta for a meeting on leadership in the church this past week. The speakers were very inspiring and informative. My heart was touched and my mind and faith stretched. I felt the call of God once again to always be advancing for faith and the... read more

The power of a single sheet of paper

Some time ago I read a book that described writing 15 to 20 sentences on a single sheet of paper, the author called this exercise, Maxim’s. The intention of the book was to write these down and look at them every day,and by doing so they would bring meaning and... read more

Are you a 3H leader?

Leadership. Everywhere you turn someone has written a book or an article or a blog post about leadership. It seems to have started with the business world but now has crossed into every discipline and vocation. So much of this has been positive, because in essence we... read more

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